We thought long and hard about the types of questions used to create our Frequently Asked Questions page.  We put ourselves in your shoes and selected questions that we would want answered.  Listed below, are five questions that we selected.  If you don't see your question here, go to our News page and suggest one or call us at the number above. We would be happy to include your question on our FAQ page.
Question 1:  What are the four landscaping Ws and how do they help me plan my landscape?


Answer:  The Ws of landscape design are:  Who?, When?, Why? and What?  Who will use the outdoor living space? When will the property be used the most?  Why will you be spending time there; relaxation, entertaining, etc.  The what question covers a lot and generally pertains to budget and the pluses and minuses of your property.  Answering the Ws alone and/or with your landscaper, helps determine the best features to add to your landscape and help you achieve your landscape goals efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner.
Question 2:  Do a "good" landscape and hardscape increase the value of my home?


Answer:  Yes, they do add value to your home.  A well-thought out and functional landscape can serve two opposing functions.  It can increase a home's overall value and decrease its listing time, when you are selling.  A "good" landscape can add up to 28% to your home's total value.  In addition to adding value to the home, landscaping can also decrease your listing time by 10% to 15%.  If your home is on the market, "good" landscaping can get you to contract and closing a little quicker.  If you upgrade your landscape to "excellent", landscaping can add an additional 6% to 7% (a total of 16% to 22%) to the value of your home.  Adding trees, native plants and hardscape can add both beauty and value to your home.  Call, email or go to our Contact page to ask us how we can help you increase the value of your home.  
Question 3:  How do I prepare for an initial consultation?


Answer: Joe Burgery and Sons Yard and Hardscape LLC want to ensure your satisfaction.  You, our customer, are the best way to show what we do and how well we do it.  To help make the process work best, we need your input.  Your input helps us to make your project successful and cost-efficient.  Prior to our initial consultation, we ask that you answer a few questions and consider a few issues.  Those questions and issues are:
  • What do you want done to your landscape and/or what are you trying to accomplish.  We don't expect you to have a definitive answer, but it helps us both if you have a good idea.
  • How much do you want to spend to achieve your landscaping goal?  If you know the answer to this question, it helps the consultation process go a lot smoother and you are not faced with a price that is both shocking and unrealistic.  It also helps us determine how to achieve your goal in the most cost-efficient, yet satisfying manner.
  • Prior to your initial consultation, take a minute to look at some landscape designs.  You can find them in magazines, often sold at do it yourself stores, online or in our gallery.  If you know the type of landscape you like, it helps us provide landscape solutions that fit your landscaping budget.  It also tells us what you do and do not like.
  • Finally, determine what you don't like.  Which features don't you want in your landscape?  Sometimes knowing what you don't like can be more important than what you do want.  Eliminating unacceptable options makes the consultation more pleasant for you.
We are here to make your landscape a reflection of your taste and style.  Your input helps to ensure your landscape exceeds your expectations and reflects an environment that you, your family and guests can enjoy. 
Question 4:  How much time will I have to spend to maintain the landscape?


Answer: Landscape maintainence is a necessary part of any landscape.  During the planning stages, it is important to determine how much time you, the client, will have available for maintainence. Failure to maintain the landscape leads to dissatisfaction.  For example, manicured shrubs will require more maintainence in your landscape.  Knowing the amount of time you have available for maintenance determines what type of plantings we will recommend and use in your landscape.  If you determine that you still want a more manicured and structured landscape, Joe Burgery and Sons Yard and Hardscape LLC, can help you in the spring.  We're not just hardscape design and installation.  Our relationship doesn't have to end after the installation.
Question 5:  Why should I select Joe Burgey and Sons Yard and Hardscape LLC to help me with my project?


Answer:  You should select Joe Burgey and Sons Yard and Hardscape LLC as your contractor because we are customer oriented and we work hard to ensure your project matches your landscape goal.  We pay very close attention to all the details that will take your landscape from good to excellent.  We also make sure that your project doesn't exceed your budget and we often offer alternatives that maximize your landscape budget.  In addition, we are a family-owned business.